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Magic glowing birds by Linnut

Linnut is a collection of glowing objects developed in collaboration with the renowned Finnish design brand Iittala and the artist and designer Oiva Toikka. It is inspired by the iconic blown glass collection "Birds", designed by Oiva Toikka and manufactured by Iittala since the 1970s. Linnut includes four distinctive characters: Palturi, Siiri, Sulo and Kirassi.
Linnut is the result of an intensive material research. The traditionally blown glass has been replaced by rotational molded polycarbonate - a material with which remarkable transparency and color effects can be created. The addition of granulate results in a pattern-rich surface that is different for every object - an effect that comes very close to blown glass.
The Linnut collection is equipped with LED technology and has a touch sensor with dimmer function. Each object is wireless and can be charged using a micro USB-C.
Oiva Toikka (1931 - 2019) was an internationally recognized artist who made a unique and very significant contribution to the development of Finnish glass art over the past fifty years. His career as a glass designer began in 1963 at Nuutajärvi Glassworks, the oldest in Finland. Many glass sculptures and utility glass series were created, some of which now belong to the collection of the Finnish design brand Iittala, including Kastehelmi or Birds. His work has always been characterized by strong colors and an unusual shapes of the materials used.
The collaboration with Magis started in 2009 and products for the kids collection such as Dodo, Downtown, Moments of Ingenuity and Paradise Tree were created first. The final product of the collaboration is Linnut.
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